Representative Client Comments:

“Daniel does all the CAD work and managed the whole project and the subs, even the contractor.” “His style is very sophisticated, especially the furnishing and finishes. It’s a powerful and energetic aesthetic that comes from a very distinct approach.” “Daniel pushes the boundaries and always goes for the unexpected.” “The Welcome Checklist was a bit extraneous for my smaller project but I can see how it’d be useful for something bigger.” “He by and large gave me what I wanted. There were a few things we disagreed on, but ultimately he won and looking back I’m glad he did.” “Daniel is a strong conceptual thinker. He has an unusual sensitivity to color, finishes, and spatial complexity.” “He has excellent drawing skills and is committed to producing work of the highest quality.”


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Franklin Report Write-Up:

"Daniel Park’s unapologetically glamorous interiors have veteran stature, despite his newcomer status. Un-surprisingly, this former Broadway star acts as the outspoken voice for first-time renovators who are ready to break the mold but need a hand to hold. Clients anticipate Park’s pizzazz (polished metals, shagreen skins, sparkling jewel tones) to come through in the design, but also appreciate that the 20-page “Welcome Checklist” they complete in the planning phase helps keep the project true to their own desires. Whether a simple redecorating or new construction, Daniel’s devotion and thoughtfulness ensure even the “little gems” – right down to the doorstoppers – are cast in the spotlight. 

Once Park committed to the transition from center stage to front row center in the classrooms of the New York School of Interior Design, his hunger and drive to be the best instinctively shifted as well. Former professor and now colleague Barbara Lowenthal willingly wrote the letter of recommendation that landed Park a job at Rockwell Group – the day after graduation. After designing and building international 5-star hotels and restaurants for David Rockwell, then Jeffrey Beers, then Tony Chi, Park was offered the opportunity to serve as Design Director for Lorin Marsh, inevitably redirecting his focus to residences. Well-established by then, he started his company in 2014 and continues to include his own custom furniture creations – simple geometric, often art deco-esque figures covered in exotic materials – for all of his interiors.

Through his extensive work overseas Park has maintained close ties with an ensemble of international vendors and artisans as he makes his mark in the NYC, NJ, CT, and FL markets. Sources say this elevates his contemporary sensibility to a collected, refined level: antiques from France spruce a straight-painted living room; a hand-knotted silk rug from Tibet offsets a sofa. Park is committed to embellishing on a budget and is determined to reveal the beauty in all objects, including his client’s keepsakes. This high-low combo has rooms paying a considerably low mark-up. Budgets are dissected in the aforementioned questionnaire, and while the designer’s firm suggestions may breach that number, they usually reflect an element of the project only a trained professional would spot, clients readily admit. Big things lie ahead for this rising star, so get him on the line while he still takes his own calls."  

-Franklin Report