Our Turn-key Interior Design Services:


▪ Interior Architecture                                       ▪ Interior Design                                                 ▪ Kitchen & Bathroom Design                   

▪ Smart Home Automation                               ▪ Window Treatment Integration                     ▪ Custom Millwork Design                    

▪ Custom Furniture Design                               ▪ Art & Antique Procurement                           ▪ Complete Furnishing


Our Signature Interior Design Process:

Phase 1:  Planning

  • DPD designers meet to review the project site, survey the projects local neighborhood, and coordinate the requirements of the Owner in terms of both type and style of home.  All of these elements play a crucial role in the development of the space plan and will dramatically influence the ultimate style of the design.


Phase 2:  Design Concept

  • Concept development begins with exhaustive research.  Our designers study a projects location and demographic market in order to identify cultural and regional components that will impact and influence the overall conceptual design.


 Phase 3:  Design Development

  • Design development focuses on further development and refinement of details in the overall design concept.  A series of CAD plans and technical detail drawings are created to fully describe the functionality of all interior spaces and explain the way in which various components of the interior design interact.


Phase 4:  Documentation

  • Design services include the production of a final set of FF&E drawings and specifications that provides the basis for the purchasing bid documents, product samples, shop drawings, and purchase orders.


 Phase 5:  Bidding & Negotiation

  • In this phase, DPD will assist with the pre-qualification of vendors and evaluation of pricing, and will coordinate with the contractor and manufacturers to facilitate the design.


 Phase 6:  Design Implementation

  • Final installation of a DPD signature interior.